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Pressure Washing In the Winter?

House in winter Sherrills Ford, NC

Pressure Washing Season Comes to a Close?

After a very mild start, winter appears to have finally descended upon us. As the mercury plummets many thoughts turn to indoor activities. To residents of Charlotte, NC pressure washing may not be at the top of the to-do list, after all winter does not seem like the normal time to worry about power washing. But like most spring cleaning projects, forethought and planning should be done now. Why?

Winter Moisture Spring Mold?

Over the last several years we have experienced colder and colder winters with more and more snow. Winter has become one of the, if not the, wettest season of the year. What does that mean for your home? How does that relate to pressure washing? Glad you asked!

Moisture from winter rain and snow fall often becomes trapped under layers of ice or expanded joints which can provide the perfect growing environment for certain molds and mildew. A driveway, sidewalk, deck, fence or patio that looked pristine in the summer may be in dire need of pressure washing by spring!

Just about every home needs something power washed annually. While temperatures are above freezing action can still be taken! If you are noticing mold or mildew buildup now, contact JB Power Clean at (704) 658-5896 and schedule your pressure washing today before a small annoyance today becomes a bigger problem tomorrow!

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