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Why It Is Ideal to Let a Professional Clean Your Gutters

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You may be tempted to clean gutters yourself. Unfortunately, the task is more complex than it seems. Thus, you may unintentionally do an inadequate job or cause more harm than good.

The Advantages of Hiring Professional Gutter Cleaners

Professional gutter cleaners use vacuuming and power washing to suck out the debris, wash away grime and break through clogs. Moss, algae, black streaks and tree sap often coat the exterior of gutters, but commercial-grade equipment can handle all of that. And, professionals inspect gutters for rust and damage to see if anything needs to be repaired or replaced.

The Professional Gutter Cleaning Process

Dirt, mold and mildew may readily build up on gutters. JB Power Clean cleans your gutters inside and out. Our specialists remove obstructions that could cause property damage or attract pests. Then, they make sure that water can flow freely from gutters to downspouts and away from your home.

Next, the gutters and downspouts are “whitened” to remove stains and streaks. When their job is done, your gutters will look new, increasing your property’s value. In addition, any water falling on your roof will be channeled away from your property, prolonging the lifespan of your building.

What Happens if You Do Not Clean Your Gutters Well Enough?

Functional gutters are vital to any roofing system. Dirty gutters do not work well and cause various issues. Not cleaning your gutters well or frequently enough can cause these problems:

  • Water Damage: When rain flows down your building, it gets into the sidings, window frames and under your flooring, leading to water damage that costs significantly more than a professional gutter cleaning service.
  • Safety Hazard: Water seeping under your driveway can cause holes and cracks, and people can easily trip and fall.
  • Basement Flooding and Foundation Problems: Water flowing down the side of your building can leak into the basement. Too much water can erode the clay, mud or sand under your home, shifting its foundation to the point of fractures or buckling.
  • Roof Damage Leading to Insulation and Interior Damage: Blocked gutters force water to fall down the side or pool. In this case, it pools and the standing water damages roof shingles, leaks inside and saturates insulation, ceilings and interior walls.
  • Pest Surge: Standing water breeds mosquitoes and attracts animals like rodents.

Call the Professionals at JB Power Clean if Your Gutters Need a Facelift

Professional gutter cleaning is unbeatable. Expert help can save you time and money and keep you safe. Contact JB Power Clean’s skilled gutter cleaning specialists today for exceptional gutter cleaning services.

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Great job! He just came today and My house looks amazing! My neighbor has already said it looks like I got my house repainted and she wanted JB’s number too! Will definitely continue to refer. Thank you!

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JB was the most reasonably priced of the 5 other companies I received estimates from. He was very friendly yet professional. He was prompt with his estimate and all further communications with me. He used his own water which is a plus! My house looks great! Thank you JB!

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Highly recommend, JB just cleaned my drive way, porch and patio. I have used him in the past and will certainly continue in the future. It is unbelievable how much better my house looks.

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Showed up when he said he would. Did a great job. Was very professional and personable. I am surprised at how much better my house and walkways look. I will most definitely refer JB Power Clean.

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GREAT job!! Arrived promptly and was very efficient. Very personable and informative. JB Power Clean is in my permanent file for home maintenance.

Kendra G

Powerwashed whole house. Fantastic job at a very reasonable price. I will definitely use again…and again.

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Really fast service! Great outcome! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for affordable and quality pressure washing! Excellent job! Will be working with in the future!

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