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The Only Thing You Should Be Able to Carve Into This Fall Is A Pumpkin!

Cleaning terrace with pressue washing machine Sherrills Ford, NC

Fall is such a great time to enjoy the tradition of carving a pumpkin. The jack-o-lanterns created are such a fun thing to drive around the neighborhood and admire. However, one thing you should not be able to carve into is any buildup on your house or driveway. You certainly don’t want neighbors driving by your house noticing your discoloration rather than your fall décor. If you’re able to write your name into a layer of dirt, buildup, mold or mildew on your home or driveway, it’s time to schedule your pressure washing with JB Power Clean this fall.

The exterior walls of your home are subject to the elements throughout the year. Consistently damp walls can produce mold. This can be due to rain, excessive shade or high humidity. This green mold could be Cladosporium, Penicillium or Aspergillus. The mold is ugly and hides the beauty of your exterior walls. In addition to being unsightly, it can also eat away at your paint while damaging it. It can also be harmful by releasing potentially hazardous spores into the air.

Your driveway is subject to oils, grimes and tires driving over it day in and day out. UV rays and the elements from Mother Nature play a role in destroying the new look of your driveway. There are costly methods of disguising your ugly driveway, however these options only cover the problem, and will cost you a lot more than getting it pressure washed.

Fall is all about change. The color of the leaves, the change in season and temperature are all beautiful reminders of fall. Why not call JB Power Clean to change the exterior of your home as well? We’ll help you make it like new!

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